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Healing Meditations: Programming For Speed Reading- Speed Learning – Bright Future.
This Audio gives you the programming to pick up skills like speed reading, remembering and learning and also to have the best future.
These are sub-luminal messages.
The Script:
There are 3 steps for good relaxation.
→Counting down.
→Sitting under a shower mentally and allow the body parts to relax progressively from to toe.
→Going to a place where you worship, mentally visualizing the things happening there and finally receiving the blessings.
Then you allow these energies to clean away all your negative thoughts, negative energies and doubts. You allow these energies to send away all these and the factors hindering your progress, to the source from where they have come with love and light. In their place you allow these energies to give you, strength, courage, positive thoughts, love and affection. In this powerful state you trigger by joining you fore finger and thumb and affirm that, whenever you join these two fingers and think of this session, you will re-live in it, and you get all the benefits of the session. By this, you will be able to do again and again, even without using the audio. This is a very powerful technique.
♣After this you do the altar and thank everybody in your life.
♣Again powerful auto Suggestions are given.
♣I can read faster and faster.
♣I can remember better and better.
♣My reading and learning capabilities are improving. After this an exercise to have the best future is given you are asked to visualize, yourself as very successful. Imagine that you are amidst riches like sitting in a beautiful executive chair in a great A/C chamber, instructing your subordinates’ etc- a state of success in profession. At last, you are asked to visualize yourself in a grand dream home with riches flowing in. Last but not the least you are requested to share your riches and knowledge with the community.
♣Sit In Relax Mode
♣Hang Head Phones (Recomended)
♣For Complete Process Just Relax...Click On Play...
♣Close Eyes.

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